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How to InvestBonita Springs FL

How to Invest

Bonita_springs How to Invest
How to Invest in and nearBonita Springs Florida

How to Invest inBonita Springs

Antonetti Capital Management has established custodial partnerships with Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investments. Your money is held safely with these low-commission brokerage firms that offer “best trade execution,” meaning customers get the most advantageous prices when they buy or sell securities. Investment expenses can add up over time and eat into returns, so keeping them low is key to successful investing. Consider this example from Schwab: Assume at age 45 you invest $1 million. If you assume a 6% rate of return and all-in costs of 2% a year, you’ll end up with about $4.8 million by the time you’re 85 years old. However, if your costs were only 1% a year, your investment would grow to about $7 million after 40 years, a difference of $2.2 million. 
How to InvestBonita Springs FL

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Bonita_springs How to Invest
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