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Investment BasicsBonita Springs FL

Investment Basics

Bonita_springs Investment Basics
Investment Basics in and nearBonita Springs Florida

Investment Basics inBonita Springs

Life already is complicated enough, so why make it more so? We love to keep investing simple and we think you will too.

We can only do two things with our money besides spend it: lend it to someone or own something.   The investment returns from ownership (equity or stocks/reit’s) are greater, over time, than lending (fixed income or bonds) since ownership involves greater risk.  It is the foundation of our capitalistic system. The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

Our investment philosophy is to choose investments and implement strategies that are clear and concise. We stay away from complicated financial products that can be more expensive and less likely to accomplish your goals.   Moreover, we are agnostic when it comes to what investment vehicle or security to use to meet your investment objectives.  As a result, our clients may own a combination of common stocks, individual bonds, no load mutual funds and/or exchange traded funds (ETFs).   In summary and simply put, we believe we use the right tool for the job.
Investment BasicsBonita Springs FL

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Bonita_springs Investment Basics
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Investment Advisors
Investment Advisors
Investment Advisors
Investment Advisors
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