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Investment StrategiesBonita Springs FL

Investment Strategies

Bonita_springs Investment Strategies
Investment Strategies in and nearBonita Springs Florida

Investment Strategies in Bonita Springs

With so many choices and advisors, it can be difficult to decipher what an investment strategy is let alone whether or not it is right for you.   Our guiding principal to keep things simple is what drives our overall investment strategies.   As a result, we have three specific strategies in order to help our clients achieve their overall investment objective:

  • Customized Investment Management Account
  • Global Total Return Investment Management Account
  • Fixed Income Investment Management Account

Our investment management philosophy is simple.  The trust of a client can only be earned.  That is our motivation.  We operate based upon the simplest beliefs – do what’s best for our clients.  Our first priority is to protect our clients’ money by staying with the spectrum of acceptable risk based on the clients specified risk tolerance. 
Antonetti Capital Management’s multi-asset class tactical investment management program is a professionally managed private investment account.  Each portfolio is built around the principles of asset allocation and diversification.  Proper asset allocation results in a portfolio structure designed to meet the specific needs of each investor.  Proper diversification may reduce the risks inherent in any one specific investment or asset class.  Each individual portfolio is constructed as detailed below and is a six-step process:

  •  Establish a clear understanding of your investment objectives.
  •  Build an overall macroeconomic outlook that will drive asset selection.
  •  Select and adjust the appropriate investment asset allocation.
  •  Determine how much to invest in each selected asset class.
  •  Identify and select the best securities for each category.
 Ongoing investment management and quarterly review meetings.
Investment StrategiesBonita Springs FL

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Bonita_springs Investment Strategies
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Investment Advisors
Investment Advisors
Investment Advisors
Investment Advisors
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