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Why Choose Us Naples FL

Why Choose Us

Naples Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us in and near Naples Florida

Why Choose Us

The good news is that there are a lot of choices when it comes to seeking investment advice.  The bad news is that there are a lot of choices when it comes to seeking investment advice.   Simply put, it can be overwhelming not only finding the investment strategy but also the right investment & financial advisor. 

At Antonetti Capital Management, we take the mystery and complexity out of investment and financial planning so you can focus on what is important to you.

Anyone can call themselves a financial advisor, but Antonetti Capital Management meets the highest fiduciary standard as a Registered Investment Advisor because simply put we:

  • We put our client’s best interests first
  • We act with prudence
  • We do not mislead clients
  • We avoid conflicts of interest
  • We fully disclose and fairly manage, in the client’s favor, unavoidable conflicts

Why do these principles matter? A Registered Investment Advisor is subject to highest level of regulatory scrutiny and by law it has a legal obligation to look out for your best interest. This fiduciary responsibility assures you that the financial guidance you receive is unbiased and objective.  Furthermore, not all “financial advisors” are held to this highest of standard.  At Antonetti Capital, we are.

Antonetti Capital Management’s best-business practices stem from this important fiduciary distinction. This includes providing clients with customized individual solutions, unbiased advice free of outside commissions, transparent fees you can understand, independent research and superior hands-on client service.

Customized Solutions with a Flexible Investment Approach

Your financial situation is unique, so there are no cookie-cutter solutions to manage your wealth management. For example, Antonetti Capital Management is sensitive to your particular tax situation and can help reduce the impact of taxes when you buy or sell securities because the firm keeps is mindful of your current situation. Or perhaps you might have estate-planning issues that must be taken into account in portfolio design and investment strategies to benefit your heirs or worthy charitable causes. Sensitivity to these kinds of issues and taking a holistic approach to your goals is how Antonetti Capital Management can help you manage investments and carefully plan for the future.

Unbiased and objective advice

Antonetti Capital Management does not accept any commissions for financial products or use any research that is proprietary. That means the advice and investments the firm recommends are the tools that fit for your unique situation. As a fiduciary under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, we are required by law to always act in the clients’ best interests and adhere to the highest standards of responsibility. When you are choosing a financial advisor, it’s important to know how that professional gets paid and how aligns with your goals. Antonetti Capital Management only charges fees based on a percentage of assets under management, so the firm has no allegiance other than to its clients.

Your money is held by a leading investment custodian

Antonetti Capital Management entrusts the custody of your money and trade execution to Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investments, providing you with this extra level of peace of mind. You’ll be comforted by the fact that you’ll have access to your money via Schwab and Fidelity’s online platform. What’s more, you’ll benefit from these firms’ low trading commissions and exceptional technology.

Direct, Proactive Customer Service 

Antonetti Capital Management is an entrepreneurial organization, which explains its dedication to client service. The firm doesn’t automate responses or contract any third party to answer your calls. You have direct access to the experts who are managing your money. You’ll understand how Antonetti Capital Management builds your investment portfolio and why the firm makes any changes should they be warranted. Together, the principals of Antonetti Capital Management have decades of wealth-management experience and communicate in person, by phone and in writing quarterly from offices in Naples, FL and St. Petersburg, FL.
Why Choose Us Naples FL

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Naples Why Choose Us
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